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Cristina Carra Caso

Originally from Spain, Cristina now lives and works alongside her partner Matt in Edinburgh, Scotland.

They both know that Photography is so much more than taking still pictures. It’s a record of the age we live in, of the times we spend with those we love. It’s an experience to be savoured as it unfolds, and cherished in retrospect.

It’s an opportunity to express yourself not just as you are, but also as you’d like to be - to create an image of a slightly different you.

The intention of their work is always to give the viewer and client visual pleasure, by creating something unique and imaginative.

Their portfolio of work covers a vast range of subjects,using advanced photography techniques during both the shoot and processing.

Each project be it people, places, pets is given the same dedication, attention to detail and professionlism no matter how big or small.

By continually changing the creative direction of their work and always aiming to steer away from the stereotypical stylised works so commonly seen and always with the intention of providing something extra special. This is what you can expect when you choose Cristina Carra Caso to be your Photographer.

This is her goal, this is Matt's goal and they are both committed to making sure you enjoy every single moment of the journey you take together.

Covers/ Editorials

E-Merge Magazine, Milan, Italy

FCM Magazine, Chicago, USA

Papercut Magazine, New York, USA

Portafolio Magazine, Mexico, USA

Sheer Magazine, London, UK

FaceOn Magazine,London, UK

We & You Magazine, Madrid, Spain

I-On Magazine, Edinburgh, UK

T & M Magazine,Toronto, Canada

Vogue, London, UK

Scratch Magazine, London, UK

Practical Photography, London, UK

Jimon Magazine, Paris, France

Pentax Magazine, London, UK

Cielo Magazine, Milan, Italy

Acotex Magazine, Madrid, Spain

Heels Magazine, Madrid, Spain

Slave Magazine, London, UK


E: cristinacarracasophotography@gmail.com

M: +44(0) 07576 759 709

Address: 130 Leith Walk, Studio 22, Leith, Edinburgh, EH65DT









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