Rosalind Caffrey (Mother) for Neve Caffrey: Professional Model

"Cristina was one of several photographer recommended by the agency for Neve's test shots. Her website stood out for us and her communication before the day of the shoot was brilliant and so helpful to Neve.

We were made very welcome on the day of the shoot and she immediately put Neve at ease and explained the process and how she would get the best out of her. Her coaching on the day was amazing and I would say totally invaluable to any new models.

The results of the photo shoot was stunning and we couldn't have been happier.

I would say Cristina has given Neve the skills and confidence to start her modelling career".

Isla Rafferty: Agency Managing Director at Superior Model Management

“Both yourself and Matt have been a joy, as always, to work with. You turn visions into reality, being both realistic and practical with what can be achieved, looking from all aspects (styling/hair/makeup) of a shoot. This is something you don’t find everywhere, especially with a quick/high quality outcome”

Felicity Williamson: Professional Model

"I am a professional part time model who predominantly specialisies in catwalk modelling. I have always struggled to produce images as strong as my walk and felt my confidence go down with every shoot, however working with Cristina completely changed that. She was able to pin point where I was going wrong and taught me how to use angles and lighting to work to my advantage. In my shoot with Cristina I felt I learnt more than I have during my entire modelling career and could not recommend her any more. She is a very warm, vibrant and talented woman and a 'must work with' photographer if you are an aspiring model intending to build a strong portfolio"

Emma Motion: Professional Make-up Artist

“I have worked with Cristina and Matt on several occasions and every time it has been a great experience . Cristina is absolutely lovely and Matt’s witty banter always makes it fun , but the results speak for themselves, the pictures produced are stunning and I am so proud to have them in my portfolio”

Paul Carrigan: Professional Model

“A fantastic team whom gave me the advice and confidence to move forward with my modeling career”

Erinn Clark: Professional Model

I arrived atCristina’s studio feeling nervous and imagined that my very first experience infront of the camera was going to be awkward and embarrassing, I couldn’t havebeen more wrong.  Cristina’s relaxed,friendly, manner immediately put me at ease. During the shoot she was very encouraging and offered advice andguidance throughout, being a complete novice this was exactly what Irequired.  I was surprised how quickly Iforgot my inhibitions and began to feel more comfortable with the shoot.  Cristina also had a great team workingalongside her, Matt and Rachel (MUA), thank you all for being so kind andpatient and providing me with photos that far exceeded my expectations.  Can’t recommend you highly enough and hope towork with you again in the future.

Innis: Professional Model

"As a new model, I had asked Cristina to take my first test shots. I was quite nervous and didn't know what to expect but I couldn't have asked for a more professional photographer. She was just amazing to work with. She quickly put me at ease and throughout the shoot gave very helpful advice and tips which in the end produced some stunning results. We also had fun along the way! I'm so happy I've got to know her and can't wait to work for her again in the future. She is a true talent with incredible technical and people skills"

Rebecca Ross: Professional Model

"Cristina is, hands-down, the best photographer I've ever worked with. She knows what she wants and how she's going to get it. She made me feel totally at ease, and when we were having that "this just isn't happening" moment, she didn't let me lose faith or feel disheartened. We were still going after 10 hours shooting! Her sassy nature makes her stand out. She knows what she's talking about and that really makes her stand head and shoulders above the rest"

Mhairi McGowan: Professional Model

“I had a really great experience shooting with you both, I was made to feel very comfortable in your studio and felt totally at easy shooting with you both. The photos that were produced were great quality as well”

Valerie Darroch: (Mother) for Verity Professional Model

“Cristina is a hugely talented photographer who possesses an enviable combination of strong technical ability witha highly original artistic vision. She has a quiet authority which inspires confidence in her subjects and no doubt her clients and she has an impressive ability to bring out the best in the people she photographs. She issupremely focused and professional and brings a dynamism and excitement to the photoshoots she undertakes, making it both a joy and privilege to work with her”

Josie Smith: Presenter/ Columnist/ Professional Model/ Stylist

"I can't recommend Cristina enough. I badly needed new test shots, including underwear shots, and she instantly made me feel comfortable and confident - exactly the opposite of how I had been feeling on the run-up to the shoot! I lovedher enthusiasm, and the fact that she too came armed with inspirational pictures, and lots of ideas. For models looking to test, she's a great photographer. It's even more pleasurable to work with someone who's a fun person, and she definitely is! I look forwardto working with her again in the very near future"

Red Drummond: Professional Model

"Cristina is an amazing photographer, I have worked with her 3 times now and I would definitely recommend her to everyone. She knows exactly how to get the best images out of every shoot and I found the direction and tips she gave me in front of the camera extremely helpful for modeling"

Elaine Ford: Professional Model

"Incredibly talented and exceptionally creative, Cristina’s professional and friendly attitude made it a pleasure to work with her!  Her attention to detail and lighting result in beautiful imagery and unique concepts making her contribution a fantastic asset to any models portfolio"

Nicola: Professional Model 

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cristina Carra Caso Photography. Their creativity, teamwork and professionalism during a full day's shoot ensure the best results areachieved and Cristina's skill as a photographer is a real inspiration. As a relatively inexperienced model, I found Cristina's directions highly valuable and instructive allowing for a efficient yet fun working environment. Interms of a high fashion photographer, I couldn't recommend them highly enough”

Hamish Duda: Professional Model

“As a relatively new model I found working with Cristina an extremely beneficial experience. During the course of the shoot I learnt a great deal about my own body positioning and facial expression control through Cristina’s positive constructive feedback. The end results of the shoot are without a doubt my favorite portfolio images so far”

Layla Abdulrahman: Professional Model

Cristinawas a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She made me feel socomfortable the moment i  entered herstudio and this continued the whole way though the shoot. I came away from theshoot having learned so much over a short period of time from Cristina whogives you advice and coaches you throughout, this is especially helpful for theaspiring model  like myself who has nothad much experience in front of the camera. You feel comfortable enough toforget your inhibitions and trust that Cristina knows what will make a fantastic photograph"

Suzanne Burgoyne: (Mother) for Jack Professional Model 

“We used Cristina and Matt for ourSon's first test shoot.  From the moment Cristina opened the door to us,we were made to feel at ease and very welcome in her home.  She helped by giving us lots of positive feedback and some hints and tips for my son to help develop and be comfortable in front of the camera.  On the whole, the experience was an extremely positive one and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend”

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